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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont

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Department of Health Current Map Page, April 8

Health Dept Current Map.pdf
Map of positive cases by county as presented on the Vermont Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard.

Department of Health Current Activity Page, April 8

Health Dept Current Activity.pdf
This is the first page of the Department of Health's data dashboard for Wednesday, April 8, 2020. …

Department of Health Web Page

Health Dept Web Page.pdf
This is the Coronavirus website maintained by the Vermont Department of Health. The link on the…

Capstone Community Action Response

Capstone Community Action and our COVID-19 Response.pdf
"Together with state and local partners, Capstone Community Action initiated a Regional Command…

State's Covid-19 Modeling, April 2

Coronavirus Model_4-02-2020.png
The state’s modeling shows that in a likely scenario (green line), the need for ventilators would…