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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont

Daily Heros Gallery

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Daily Heros Gallery


Every day or two since I was with my sister in the Johns Hopkins ICU in February, I’ve been doing a small watercolor and ink painting, 4” x 6”, that I call “Daily Heroes.” I was so impressed by the skill, dedication, and kindness of staff treating her, that I started painting them. Covid-19 was gathering steam at this point, and soon I was donning gown, mask, and gloves when I entered her room. In 10 days, I went from being able to spend the night in her room to not being able to visit at all. Back in Vermont, I continued my painting practice, and have done many small paintings to date. I usually write a small blurb about the person or group represented by the individual I painted. I post them in a Facebook Gallery.


Joyce Kahn


May 6, 2020


Paul Carnahan

Spatial Coverage



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