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COVID-19 Archive

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Ode to COVID 19


Ode to COVID 19


My husband had some down time with with mud season as he is a firewood distributor. Since he couldn't go out it put this time to good use and wrote this "Ode to Covid-19"


Roger G. Chaloux


March 2020


Jo-Anne Chaloux

Spatial Coverage



As a universe we are in despair
Let’s all stop, pause, and say a prayer

We are asked to leave our jobs and work from home
Its unnerving, unsettling, this fear of the unknown

Let’s tip our hats to those on the front lines
They are truly heroes during this unforgiving time

Maybe this virus will slow down our pace
If so, it will protect the human race

Let’s stop the hoarding and cleaning off the shelves
By doing this there is enough for everyone else

Let’s keep the faith and put on a smile
Things will get better, but it may take a while

Let us reach out a hand to a neighbor in need
You’ll feel better for doing a good deed

Let’s realize how much worst things could be
Not to forget the Spanish Flu of the 19th century

Let’s all learn to be more humble, honest, and kind
And stop taking for granted our everyday grind

Let’s keep our distance and cough into our sleeve
And do what we can to get rid of COVID 19!

-- Roger G. Chaloux, March 2020



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