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Images and Stories from Vermont

Shaftsbury Lake, How it was


Shaftsbury Lake, How it was


Shaftsbury Lake State Park. The space between groups of people was greater than usual. Other than that it was like any other pre-season, late spring day.


Charles Rossiter


May 22, 2020


Charles Rossiter

Spatial Coverage


Shaftsbury Lake, How it Was
(May 22, 2020)

Twelve people on the beach,
five human groupings
including solo me,
at least 25 feet apart—
one canoe out in the middle,
three guys fishing from the far shore,
cloudless sky—
The mountains are spring green.
I’ve got my red beach chair,
Harjo poetry,
and a good novel,
Bain de Soliel
a sandwich and drinks.
Temperature in the low 70s
with light breeze.
The water is late spring cool.
A couple of kids are in there
fooling around.
I just climbed out
to dry in the sun
Now I’m just sitting here
taking it in.
Charles Rossiter




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