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COVID-19 Archive

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Kindness during the pandemic


Kindness during the pandemic


I recently saw you on WCAX news and I would like to time your my tell you my story during the Coronavirus.


David Call


May 26, 2020


David Call

Spatial Coverage


My story begins at the health center in Burlington today. It was so nice to take me in as an emergency. They looked at me and helped me get better even though they took a chance on taking me in during the Coronavirus pandemic. I don't have this virus. I appreciate all the people who have stayed open. In life I have learned that being my age now there is kindness and respect. History shows that people will stand up no matter what generation. Burlington citizens stood up Against All Odds and feel nice and kind to each other. I'm the same way. I like to be a good stewardship. In our society is important to my mind body and soul. Thank you for keeping Vermont history alive.




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