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Need a Mask? Take one!

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Need a Mask? Take one!


The home-made cloth mask is an iconic symbol of the pandemic response in Vermont. As of May 31, I have made and given away over 500 masks, most at this cardboard box "kiosk" at the end of my road in Brattleboro. I chose to distribute my masks directly to anyone who drove or biked or walked in my part of town rather than working with one of the more organized mask-creation and distribution efforts. Plenty of volunteer sewers were working to supply the hospitals and nursing homes and other organizations. I wanted to reach individuals who didn't know where or how to get a mask. I have seen bicyclists stop and take one, walkers take them, people stopping their cars to take one, and even big pickups pulling right up to the box, with someone leaning out to take a mask without even getting out of the cab. Some people have left me thank you notes, both written on the outside of the box and as cards dropped into the box. People have also left me donations of fabric, dropped into the box. I have spent very little money on this project, using mainly fabric from my own and my mother's and sister's quilt fabric stashes.


Diana Todd


April 19, 2010


Diana Todd

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