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Evan Nicholas Alvanos, 39, Burlington

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Evan Nicholas Alvanos, 39, Burlington


BURLINGTON - Evan Nicholas Alvanos was born Wednesday, April 30th, 1980 at Fletcher Allen Medical Center in Burlington Vermont. He passed away at UVM Medical Center, in the early morning of Friday April 10th, 2020 after an illness caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Of Greek descent, he is the son of George and Christine Alvanos, brother to Michael F. Alvanos, husband to Sarah Marie Alvanos, father to Olivia and Nicholas Alvanos, nephew to Argie and Peggy Economou, cousin to Christopher Economou, son in law to David and Cynthia Devine and Steven Harvey, uncle to Maxwell, Elizabeth, Jacob, Matthew and Ryan, brother in law to Danette and Greg Fleishman and Clarissa Harvey.

Evans' early days were a remarkable blend of riding bikes with his friends, exploring the woods and trails in North Burlington, learning baseball at Schifilliti Field and swimming on the shores of Lake Champlain. His nights always consisted of movies with his family. Evan would sit close to the television with his brother, encapsulated by the countless 80's and 90's films of great heroes' and tall tale adventures that Evan would quote for his whole life. Evan's knowledge of films would torment his fellow employees in the years to come, constantly asking each of his staff, "Did you ever see this film?" while cooking at his restaurants.

Evan attended the Burlington, Vermont public school system, first attending C.P Smith Elementary, then Hunt Middle School and finally Burlington High School. At Burlington High School, Evan excelled in track and field, and more to his liking, football. Evan would be named to the Burlington Free Press's All-Star choices over his years, and recognized as a "Player of the Week. "To his teammates he was referred to as #58 Big Grizz. Evans' career in sports finished with the annual Vermont-New Hampshire Maple Sugar Bowl. This All-Star event raises money for children in Shrine hospitals. The visit to the Shriners hospital and engaging with the children and staff had a lasting impression on Evan over his years.

The years he spent at high-school would, "Be the best years of his childhood", Evan would consistently declare. His childhood friends, Connor McGregor and Kevin Kelleher would always be by his side, making him laugh, or questioning his choice of movies or cars. The love of cars, and his fascination with his 1980's Pontiac, would nurture this craving for American Muscle Cars over his whole life. Evan could be seen each year at the annual Champlain Valley Hot Rod event where many of his friends shared his love of cars and the sound of a roaring engine. With his T-Tops off, Evan would cruise to and from work in his Pontiac with the sounds of Rock and Roll providing a theme to his ride. Many would shake their heads, thinking Evan should invest in a Mustang, Camaro or some other exotic car, however, Evan couldn't be swayed or diverted from his passion. This vision and stubbornness would be one of his greatest attributes.

In 1997, after a brief semester at Champlain College where he began to study business and marketing, Evan would join the family business. His father and mother operated at The Parkway Diner. "I was never meant to learn about business through a classroom, I want to get my hands right into the work" he would tell his customers and coworkers. For a decade, his family successfully operated the Parkway Diner in South Burlington. He forged relationships with fellow co-workers which lasted over 20 years. Moreover, as coworkers moved on he would maintain relationships with them over his whole life, always reaching out to them, and continuing to act as a resource for them when needed.

This was also the time Evan would meet the young and beautiful woman whom he would marry, Sarah Marie Harvey, of South Burlington. Evan met Sarah in the fall of 1996. Driving his 1980's Pontiac, Evan would drive and pick up Sarah, and take her on rides all around Vermont. Evan would court Sarah through the family dinners, and backyard barbecues. Evan had found his soulmate and Sarah had found hers. Seven years later, on August 16th, 2003, Evan and Sarah would marry.

In 2006, Evan spearheaded a new business with his father and mother, The Pine Street Deli. Simultaneously running both The Parkway Diner, and adventuring into a new business in Burlington, Evan did not take a day off for 9 months. Every aspect of the business was overseen by him. The financial crisis of 2008 would mark Evans superb business acumen, keeping his business afloat during a worldwide meltdown of financial markets. In keeping with Evans principals, he would rely on his closest friends and especially his family to see his business successful for more than 11 years.

Greater than his success in business was the birth of his daughter Olivia and his son Nicholas. Sarah and Evan would grow a family and fill rooms with the sound of their children. Evan and Sarah were inseparable, only leaving the care of their children to the grandparents from time to time. Evan and Sarah both knew that their future was secure with the love they shared in raising their children. Olivia, the oldest, the doting daughter, always looking up to her father and sharing an early passion for films, especially the epics of Star Wars and Marvel. Nicholas the younger son, already showing some of the stubbornness and wisdom that his father refined over his life. Both children carry on their fathers' legacy of loving to laugh.

In 2013, after the successful push to redevelop a new building in Burlington where his former business thrived, Evan, along with his family, would propel towards his third business in less than a decade, The Guilty Plate Diner. Evan, barely 32, again would push himself and the coworkers around him to work harder, smarter and stronger, than ever before. Evan would admittedly confess that he could be graceful in his leadership, yet stubborn in his unwillingness to yield to a long day, week or month. Evan simply had an unfailing work ethic, and would not give up. Somehow, Evan could muster the strength of will which could recruit the loyal and hardworking alike. The friends and coworkers who supported Evan during these long days, on a professional and personal level were invaluable to him. They shared both the joy and hardships of running businesses, as well as becoming a "...a true dysfunctional family who I respect and love", Evan would tell customers when asked about his staff.

The shock of his tragic and untimely passing has been felt worldwide. You only needed to meet him once and his indelible impression was made. Condolences have poured out to each of Evans' family members. His love was truly felt by so many. Due to the restrictions placed on not only Evans family, but the rest of the world, an intimate funeral and burial was performed and Evan was laid to rest on April, 17th at Lakeview Cemetery, next to his grandparents, Fotis and Irene Economou. Donations can be made to support his family at PO Box 573, Essex Junction VT 05453-0573. The family would like to thank the members of the Emergency Medical and Intensive Care Units at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Evans' legacy, despite his short life, will be cherished by his family, friends and businesses for years to come. In order to celebrate his life, the family will announce in the months ahead, a celebration of life. Evan loved to tell teasing jokes of his friends and family and dive into stories of gridiron glory with his ear to ear smile. The celebration of life should continue all the amazing stories and memories each of us have, and hopefully make new ones among his friends.

The directors at Corbin and Palmer Funeral Home, 9 Pleasant Street, Essex Junction, VT assisted the family with arrangements.


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Burlington Free Press


April 26, 2020


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