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Throwing Strings


Throwing Strings


I'm a high school student from Killington, Vt., and I got a yoyo and wrote a poem about it for English class. We did it as part of a "silver linings" project to show the good things that came out of lockdown.


Logan Sudol


March 5, 2020


Logan Sudol

Spatial Coverage


Throwing Strings

The days were growing longer,
Time was just passing by,
Things were getting as dull as an old lightbulb
And I knew the reason why...

I thought hard and long,
About what I could do
A new hobby perhaps,
Or an old one, to come back to

I settled on a yoyo
one I saw in a game
The day came when it arrived
And Code 1 was its name

I consulted the scholars
Wise in their ways
And watched all their videos on youtube
And practiced for many long days

I was throwing strings in no time
performing tricks like, man on the flying trapeze
I’ve throw it over, under, up, and down,
Passing time is now a breeze

The time came to gloat my skills
I showed off my tricks, and did them faster
everyone was impressed by my new tallent
I think I’m now a yoyo master

My friend shared with me a video, of a true yoyo champ
Now this was rude , and just not fair,
But I took his insult as a challenge,
And someday I’ll get there

When this is all over I hope,
That I can share my new skills with all of my bros
But this lockdown has not been all bad
For, without it I would never have learned to throw yoyos




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