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Gradutation on the SoRo Green, 2020 Version

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2020 Graduation on the SoRo Green.jpg


Gradutation on the SoRo Green, 2020 Version


As in all small towns in Vermont, in South Royalton the high school graduation is a major celebratory event. Under ordinary circumstances, there's a big white tent in the Green, with room for everyone in town to turn out to applaud and cheer the graduating seniors. For the Class of 2020, things were much more low-key, with a single-file parade of yellow placards social-distancing around the Green, offering silent congrats to each individual graduate. It's not easy to be "standing on the threshhold of life" in the midst of a pandemic, with young lives placed on "hold" for the immediate future....


Bonnie Tocher Clause


June 2020


Bonnie Tocher Clause

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