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6th Grade Graduation 2020


6th Grade Graduation 2020


To compensate for the lack of a sixth grade graduation ceremony in Shrewsbury, the local historical society gave each student a copy of a book about the history of their town.


June 9, 2020


Ruth Winkler

Spatial Coverage


On June 9th, 2020 nine students of Shrewsbury's Mountain School graduated from the 6th grade and will attend 7th grade at Mill River Middle School, hopefully in the fall.

Because of the pandemic, these nine students were denied any kind of graduation exercise to celebrate this event. The Shrewshury Historical Society decided to present our town's history book, "Shrewsbury, Vermont - Our Town As It Was" by Dawn D. Hance, to each student as a graduation gift.

The presentation was done "curbside" at the school, whereby each child was driven by their parents to an area outside the school, whereby their teacher greeted them and they picked up a box with their name on it containing their Graduation Certificate and the book, complete with a special letter and book plate from the Society.

Last year, the museum in Cuttingsville, a hamlet in our town, was open one special afternoon for a visit from all the upper grades of Mountain School. The children were given a tour of the Laurel Glen Cemetery next door with the beautiful Bowman Mausoleum and told many historical stories. Inside the museum they enjoyed looking at the exhibits.

At present, the museum is closed until further notice, due to the pandemic.

Ruth Winkler, Corresponding Secretary
Shrewsbury Historical Society, Vermont



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