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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont

At the Appalachian Trail, Woodford, VT


At the Appalachian Trail, Woodford, VT


The poem tells all this.


July 17, 2020


Charles Rossiter

Spatial Coverage


At the Appalachian Trail, Woodford, VT

There are a dozen cars in the parking lot
despite overcast skies and light rain.

Beside the river the air has that fresh
forest aroma, no doubt the phytoncides

the trees exude. It’s a pleasant 70 degrees.
Being wet, the leaves are bright and shining.

There’s white noise from the river running
over rocks and the hum of tires on route 9

A lone hiker with a big red backpack appears,
heading south, then a woman and a little girl.

Life iss perfectly normal here by the trail.
You’d never know there’s a pandemic

going on in the rest of the world.
The only thing different about me

is the red bandana around my neck, ready
to pull up into a mask should a friendly

nature lover want to stop a while and chat.

July 17, 2020




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