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COVID-19 Archive

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Green Mountain Community Fitness "Orange Room"

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Green Mountain Community Fitness "Orange Room"


Gyms were among the first facilities to close and have only re-opened. Green Mountain Community Fitness was in the process of transforming from a CrossFit only gym (Green Mountain CrossFit) and taking over the former First in Fitness facility in Berlin when the shutdown started. They re-started in May with classes outdoors, and have been slowly opening parts of their new facility. The space pictured is their CrossFit room, which they call the "Orange Room." You can see individual exercise spaces taped off on the floor as well as bottles of disinfectant and towels. Instructors clean the full gym before and after each class, and each attendee is also required to clean the equipment they use thoroughly. Masks are also required when traveling outside of the square or not actively exercising.


Amanda Gustin


July 23, 2020


Amanda Gustin

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