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COVID-19 Archive

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Pandemic Update August 2020


Pandemic Update August 2020


This is just a straightforward little poem, not striving for high art, that I am contributing to this wonderful project to chronicle the pandemic experience in Vermont


Charles Rossiter


August 22, 2020


Charles Rossiter

Spatial Coverage


Pandemic Update
(August, 2020)

As the pandemic rages
colleges that planned
to open with live classes
are sending students home.
My brother, who lives
down in redneck
western Maryland
where they think
pandemic concerns
are overblown
is off on a road trip
to Arizona and actually
staying in motels,
something I’d never do.
I’m sticking close to home
like my friend Tom
who had planned a major
road blitz but cancelled
because he’d rather
live long and healthy
as the CDC reminds us
the U.S. leads the world
in cases and deaths and
the first new cases
from the Sturgis Motorcycle
Rally are home from South
Dakota and in the news.
It looks like there’s going to be
a glut of used Harley’s
coming up for sale
in the next couple of months.




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