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We cannot visit Grandma


We cannot visit Grandma


Grandma Sallie Willis Jesser was a longtime summer visitor and resident of Westmore, at Lake Willoughby. In 2017, as she approached 90 years old she requested that she live at the Bel Aire Facility in Newport. This was a pleasant situation as many family members came to the area to stay at the family camp at Lake Willoughby and would freely visit with Sallie. But after the corona virus struck in the spring of 2020, it became harder and harder for family to visit Sallie. For a few months we could visit her face to face, then we had to visit her at her closed window while we stood outside. Then those who came from out of state could not visit her at all unless quarantined first. It was hard for her children and grandchildren who said, "Why can't we visit grandma?" We talk with her on the phone, but the many rules related to visiting the elderly have prevented us from seeing her as much as we would like. We all want to hug Granma Jesser. Hopefully soon.


Ken & Vera Lawson


fall 2020

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