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Teaching in a pandemic

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Teaching in a pandemic


There is nothing remarkable about this photo of me. A simple snapshot of a regular day at a job that I love in the middle of a pandemic. A few things that are noteworthy upon a closer look- I’m wearing a down coat and scarf all day to teach 4th grade because my classroom is freezing cold due to the windows being open and fans being on (even when snowflakes are literally blowing on to the desks by the windows). I wear a mask for eight hours a day. I’m wearing a voice amplifier so my students who are spread out to every corner of the room can hear me as I do read aloud. You can see tubs of disinfectant wipes and a thermometer and hand sanitizer next to me. I’m actually clutching a cleaning wipe like it’s a lifeline. You can also see a large air purifier behind me. My eyes are crinkling because I’m smiling under my mask, I love these kids so much and I love this job so much. It is not easy to be here. I come home exhausted and spent every day, and the anxiety is crushing. I have eaten lunch in my car on more than a few occasions. But I keep showing up because remote learning is not as good and parents need to work. PLEASE, my friends, wear your mask, keep your distance, and stay in Vermont!


Melissa Pierce


November 2, 2020


Melissa Pierce

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