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Reinventing high school

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Reinventing high school


This is a photo of my daughter in a high school enrichment class. Montpelier High School has been creative in reinventing classes this year, knowing that they needed to have space between each student so only 12 kids could fit in a classroom. They have redesigned their entire curriculums and schedule to meet these guidelines. Students choose between several enrichment classes, this one is called heat and salt. In this class students were making applesauce from drop apples which they then canned and donated to the food pantry. Kids are not graded in enrichment classes, They are just real world courses open to all students in addition to their traditional academic classes.


Melissa Pierce


January, 2021


Melissa Pierce

Spatial Coverage



Melissa Pierce, “Reinventing high school,” COVID-19 Archive, accessed January 26, 2022,

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