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Christmas Eve twenty-twenty


Christmas Eve twenty-twenty


I wrote this poem for my grandkids reflecting on our Christmas Eve alone in Barnard VT during the pandemic.


Geza Tatrallyay


Dec 24, 2020


Geza Tatrallyay

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Christmas Eve twenty-twenty

Christmas Eve twenty-twenty is finally here,
I just settled my brains for a long winter’s nap,
and alone I wait with great anticipation
for the joyful sound of hooves pawing on the roof,
the dancing and prancing of eight tiny reindeer.

Will our old Saint Nick come down the chimney this year
to bring the presents I asked for in my letter?

Or, instead of biting on the stump of his pipe,
is our dear, chubby and plump, right jolly old elf,
our immuno-compromised, obese Santa Claus
now sucking oxygen from a ventilator
in the ICU of some over-run hospital
somewhere near the North Pole, cared for by his elves,
all infected by the dreaded COVID virus?

Will he survive to perform his act next Christmas?




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