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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont





Documenting Vermont's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020


Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

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King Arthur Flour Propelled Into the National Spotlight
"Not only were people all learning how to bake ... then Americans decided they all needed flour at the same time." -- Laurie Furch, King Arthur Flour's Baker's Hotline employee

Vermont Employers Receive Coronavirus Relief Loans
"Nearly 12,000 Vermont employers have received loans totaling some $1.2 billion through the federal Paycheck Protection Program. They reported employing at least 113,000 people, according to data released Monday by the federal Small Business…

Farm Worker Activist Dies in Mexico
"A 32-year-old Vermont farmworker and Migrant Justice activist died of COVID-19 in Mexico last week after being deported in March, the group said Tuesday."--from the article

State's College Restart Plan
"Vermont will require all college students returning to campuses this fall to comply with a strict regimen of testing, quarantining and social distancing to try to prevent the kind of COVID-19 outbreaks sweeping the nation," Seven Days reported on…

To compensate for the lack of a sixth grade graduation ceremony in Shrewsbury, the local historical society gave each student a copy of a book about the history of their town.

Masked & Distancing at the Norwich Farmers' Market
The Norwich Farmers' Market opened up this summer with the same wonderful fresh produce, baked goods, prepared foods, and crafts--but with new rules for vendors and customers: Masks required for everyone, aisles marked for one-way foot traffic (just…

Fair Haven in the dark about Covid-19 outbreak
"Fair Haven has been identified as host to the most significant 'cluster' since an outbreak in Winooski that infected more than 100 people since it began in May."

Winooski outbreak appears to wane; Covid-19 racial disparities grow
In May, Vermont experienced a major outbreak of Coivid-19 in Winooski, apparently within an immigrant community. At the same time racial disparities among those who have contracted the disease outside of Winooski were observed by the state.

Vermont borders states with major covid-19<br /><br />
outbreaks, but you won’t find that here
"Months into the pandemic, Vermont’s governor says the state is “the envy of the nation,” with little more than 1,100 confirmed covid-19 infections and 56 deaths. Perhaps most remarkable is that Vermont has been relatively spared the effects of the…

The COVID-19 Crisis and Vermont Women
This document tracks the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on women and girls in

Dear Kids of the Future
This spring the Norwich Historical Society asked the 4th grade to create virtual time capsules about what has been important to them while sheltering-in-place during the pandemic. This is a collection of some of those responses.

State&#039;s COVID-19 Model, through June 26
Department of Financial Regulation's slide deck showing positive trends in Vermont's fight against the coronavirus, including a chart showing that Vermont's weekly cases per million population is the lowest in New England. Other presentations and…

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