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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont

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Documenting Vermont's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020


Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

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Effects of Vaccines on Case Numbers
Although people who were vaccinated were still getting cases of Covid, most positive cases were among the unvaccinated, as these charts from the State of Vermont on January 16, 2022, show.

State's Covid Dashboard for January 16, 2022
This is what the state's Covid-19 dashboard looked like as of Sunday, January 16, 2022. The case count that day was 2,217, the positivity rate was 13.3% (a high number), and 115 people were hospitalized. The state had had a total of 85,632 cases by…

Homeless Shelter Adapts to Covid

Staff and volunteers at Lamoille Community House, a homeless shelter in Hyde Park, prepare to open the shelter for Winter 2021-2022. In years prior, there were no barriers in-between cots. In order to decrease Covid transmission and protect…

"Say Yes" Free Test Kits Offered
On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, the State of Vermont began offering free antigen test kits to Vermonters. The program was called "Say Yes," and was "a cooperative effort from state and local health departments, the National Institutes of Health, the…

LAMP test
When the labs used by the state to process PCR tests shut down for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the state distributed battery-powered LAMP tests to people who signed up in advance. The LAMP tests gave PCR-like results which were supposed…

Rapid Tests Distributed to Students
In the days leading up to the reopening of schools after the New Year’s break, the state made a mad dash to distribute rapid antigen tests for the families of school children to use at home. This was the scene in a parking lot at Brattleboro Union…

Cases hit high of 1,727
Another record set. The record would rise to 2,982 positive cases on January 7, 2022.

Two Years into Covid (Poem)
This poem reflects the mood induced by a sting of gray gloomy winter days two years into the pandemic.

Hand-Altered Masking Sign at the Main Entrance to the Berlin Mall
This was on the main entrance to the Berlin Mall. It went up when the new masking guidelines, to be set by the towns, went into affect. I don’t know if it was done by a representative of the Mall or by a customer.

Almost 24 months if navigating COVID caring for a vulnerable population.

Sign in front of closed power plant
Sign in front of McNeil plant in Burlington “closed due to virus”

State Sets Record of 1727 Cases
"Months after the Delta variant of Covid-19 hit the state, the more contagious Omicron variant has once again changed Vermont’s definition of normal. In just a week, the state’s seven-day case average has more than doubled, hospitalizations have…

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