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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont





Documenting Vermont's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020


Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

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Covid Levels Remain High
On May 19, 2022, VtDigger reported that Covid levels in the state remained high. This article presents data in various forms from the life of the pandemic while announcing that the state was ending the online dashboard that it used to present Covid…

Mixed Messages
These were two stories in VtDigger's May 18, 2022, morning news headlines email, placed next to each other. The first story tells of the state's plans to close state-run testing sites; the other tells of the state's second largest hospital reopening…

Masks are Back
This was the sign on May 2, 2022 in front of Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier where a mask requirement had gone back into effect amidst raising rates of Covid infections in the area. This cautionary approach was the exception; most stores did not…

WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times
I am a composer living in Braintree. My husband and I got Covid at the beginning of March 2020, the 9th and 19th persons to contract the virus in the state. (We isolated so we didn’t give it to anyone else!) It was a terrifying time so early in the…

Covid ‘Common Sense’ (Poem)
Title chosen with apologies to Tom Paine.

First two stanzas:

I’m not afraid of Covid,
Of hornets, ghosts, or bears;
I run with scissors in my hands;
And lean back on my chair.

I cross the street just where I please
And never look both…

Covid’s Gone a’ Roving  (Poem)
I wrote these verses over a year ago; a group of impressions ripped—as they say—from the headlines, along with my own inner dialog at the time. Enjoy!

Student Posters
Elementary School students from the Irasburg Elementary School, Irasburg Vermont, created these posters as a way to build community pride and spirit. They were displayed on the Village Green so all could enjoy their beauty.

Christmas themed face masks
Pictured are face masks made by my wife, Lorraine Towne-Cavarretta. She created the masks as a way of lifting the spirits of those to who she gave the masks. They are displayed on the mantle at our home in Elmore Vermont.

US/Canada Border
Nine months after the start of the Pandemic, the border between the United States and Canada was still closed. This was especially evident at the border crossing in Beebe Plains Vermont.

Morrisville's empty streets
Normally, Portland Street in Morrisville is a very busy street. Due to Covid 19 and the stay at home order the downtown is a ghost town.

Covid Memorial
A memorial constructed on the Village Green, Newbury Vermont. As is evident, there are less than 100 flags. I have not been back since my visit in 2020. I wonder if the flags have been updated.

Movie Theatre
Bijou Theatre in Morrisville Vermont. No movies? Nope, instead a request from the theatre for Covid to "go home" and instruction for all of us how to help stop the spread.

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