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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont





Documenting Vermont's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020


Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

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State's Weekly Data Summary, with focus on BIPOC
During the crisis, the state produced a weekly data summary. Some of those summaries included "spotlight" topics. This report presents details of Covid-19 infection amongst Black, Indiginous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

"Cross State" Travel Map Updated
The Vermont travel map was updated weekly. This is what the map looked like in the middle of September as communities on the east coast welcomed college students back to their towns.

Vermont Libraries Statistics, Sept. 23
Vermont libraries are independent organizations and made their own decisions on when to open. In July the Vermont Department of Libraries began to accumulate data on the opening status of libraries in the state. This is their report as of September…

Statistics on Public Libraries, July 15
The Vermont Department of Libraries began surveying public libraries in the state to see how many had opened and under what conditions and restrictions. This is the first report of their survey.

Hospital gowns we made
As virtual Vermonters, (I was born, schooled, married, will be buried next to my family in Middletown Springs), but now living in Clarkdale, Arizona, my daughter and I joined the group of about 50 women making hospital gowns for Cottonwood Medical…

Dr. Fauci at Vt. Press Conference
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the country’s foremost infectious disease expert, joined Governor Phil Scott's twice-weekly press conference for 30 minutes on Tuesday, September 15,…

Schools reopen across Vermont, each in its own way
Governor Phil Scott set September 8 as a uniform opening date for all Vermont schools. Each plan developed its own plan to protect students and staff from the coronavirus. This article includes a map showing which different models were in place in…

Buy Local System Crashes
"A new state website to distribute $30 “buy local” gift cards to Vermonters as an economic recovery measure experienced difficulties Tuesday morning when more than 10,000 Vermonters tried to sign up."

August Outbreak at Killington
Although the headline of this story is, "Killington outbreak is not widespread," on September 4 the Vermont Health Department (@healthvermont on Twitter) reported "Currently 17 associated cases. Of those, 11 attended the private party; 6 others are…

Masks on VT -- Medical Society
The Vermont Medical Society joined the campaign to get Vermonters to wear face coverings with this graphic on Facebook and an invitation to share pictures with the hashtag #MasksOnVt.

Vermont's Covid-19 Testing Plan, July 2020
This is the State of Vermont's Covid-19 testing plan as of July 27, 2020. It says, "Unless indicated by the Vermont Department of Health for particular epidemiologic response, this testing guidance recommends limiting widespread assurance testing and…

Safe and Healthy Schools Advice
Despite an ever-changing environment, during the summer of 2020 the Vermont Department of Health provided advice on how to safely reopen schools. This is the slide deck that they used to impart information to school officials and the public.

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