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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont





Documenting Vermont's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020


Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

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Morning school supplies
This is the small pile of supplies that we use daily at Union Elementary School when we are getting ready to greet the students in the morning: masks, thermometer, gloves, and daily health screenings that need to get filled out every day. If anything…

Reinventing high school
This is a photo of my daughter in a high school enrichment class. Montpelier High School has been creative in reinventing classes this year, knowing that they needed to have space between each student so only 12 kids could fit in a classroom. They…

Local art store offers covid art class supplies
The Drawing Board in Montpelier stepped up with free origami supplies and instructions for making origami crane’s for anyone that wanted them, it was an attempt to help families at home with homeschooling, and it worked!

Pandemic purchasing
This ridiculous number of cases of snacks was in response to expecting to have a summer full of outside socializing and play dates and needing prepackaged covid safe snacks for such! This never would have happened if not for covid.

Covid classroom
Preparing my classroom for the opening of school this year was different than any other year, I needed to get rid of the majority of my furniture, spread the desks out 6 feet apart, pack up all shared materials, and make sure each student had a tote…

Mask holder made from a vintage ski
With 4 of us going to 4 different places every day, we realized quickly that we needed a mask holder!

Celebrating 8th grade graduation, covid style
The only way we could figure out how to celebrate our daughter’s 8th grade graduation was with a camp out for her and 5 friends, all in separate tents! They had a BLAST and we never would have done this had it not been a pandemic.

Home salon
Home haircuts!

Pandemic painting
With mom and dad both working full-time, my son spent a lot of time entertaining himself in the spring. There was not a lot of schoolwork and we didn’t want him to have any more screen time than was necessary so we set up a studio for him in the…

Virtual Vermont history Day
This kid worked with her friends to produce an incredible documentary on Katherine Johnson and Mae Jemison for VT History Day. Even after school was canceled (as was any chance to do work in person), the projects became optional, and the award…

A case of silly string
The only reason I chose this photo is that it is so representative of the pandemic for me. We had been planning a big Halloween party, and had to cancel it due to the numbers going up in Washington County. Halloween, which is one of our favorite…

Students bringing back the art of snail mail
I teach fourth grade and students at that age are extremely tech savvy. One of the things we brought back during the pandemic was good old-fashioned hand writing and letter writing and snail mail. We wrote thank you notes, letters to far away loved…

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