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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont

Contribute Materials

Use this form to submit personal digital documentation of the coronavirus pandemic in Vermont starting in March 2020.

Before contributing materials please read the full Terms and Conditions on this site.

We are interested in your photographs, stories, poems, and videos of living through the COVID-19 crisis in Vermont. What’s different in your community – empty streets and empty shelves, signs and restrictions, people talking to each other across the street? What’s different in your own home – new routines, new office setups, new hobbies?

Photographic, literary, and video submissions must be your own.  You need to have permission from guardians of children show in your photographs or videos. We welcome contributions of widely-distributed informational emails and website screen captures as long as you tell us the name of the originating individual or organization.

If you see this page after you click on the "contribute" button please send your submission as an attachment along with the information requested on this form to If you see a screen that says "Thank You" your contribution has been successfully submitted.

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