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Images and Stories from Vermont

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covid-artmail Newsletter, June

"House Approves $5 Million to the Arts Council" and other stories.

covid-artmail Newsletter, May

"The Creative Sector in Governor Scott's Economic Recovery Plan" and other stories.

Positives During The Pandemic

This was part of a Woodstock, Vt., school project "Silver Linings" about the opportunities we have…

Vermont Lockdown 2020

Gouache Painting, "Vermont Lockdown 2020," March 2020
by Ed Tanenhaus, Dorset, Bennington…

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Daily Heros Gallery

Every day or two since I was with my sister in the Johns Hopkins ICU in February, I’ve been doing a…

The Nightfall

The Nightfall.pdf
I wrote and drew this after a walk on an early spring evening in Montpelier, thinking of a close…

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covid-artmail Newsletter, April

The Vermont Arts Council, which previously published three electronic newsletters, combined them…

"Please Don't Die" Sidewalk Art

Colorful sidewalk art saying "please don't die". Found in Old North End neighborhood, Burlington.

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Clean & Distant

This is an original linocut print designed and hand printed by myself. I began this kind of art at…


Chalk Art

Sidewalk Chalk.jpg
motivational chalk art seen at the south end City Market in Burlington. Artist unknown..

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Motivational Rock

motivational hand-painted rock found in the south end of Burlington. Artist unknown.

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It Creeps In: 1

It Creeps In 1_Schildkraut.jpg
I am a visual artist and I began a series of artworks entitled "It Creeps In" in late March 2020.…