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COVID-19 Archive

Images and Stories from Vermont

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Packing Meals for Delivery

Volunteers for WNOC-RRCC (Washington and Northern Orange Counties Regional Response Command Center)…

Stars, Rainbows, and Signs in Rutland

Handmade rainbows and stars and I Love Rutland COVID-19 Educational signs are cropping up all over…

Oakledge Park Playground Closed

Playground closed at Oakledge Park as a result of social distancing measures.

Window sign at Penny Cluse

window signs at closed Penny Cluse cafe in Burlington, VT.

Library closed

window signs at the closed Fletcher Free Library.

Bulletin Board

City bulletin board advertising the Burlington Resource and Recovery Center in five languages. The…

A family doctor now does work from home.

Dan Donnelly is a family doctor in Williston, Vermont. Because of his age, and his wife’s…

It Creeps In: 1

It Creeps In 1_Schildkraut.jpg
I am a visual artist and I began a series of artworks entitled "It Creeps In" in late March 2020.…


American Flatbread

take-out and delivery signs at American Flatbread

Motivational Rock

motivational hand-painted rock found in the south end of Burlington. Artist unknown.

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Cloth Mask

My mom, who lives in Florida, made this cloth mask and sent it to me.

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Chalk Art

Sidewalk Chalk.jpg
motivational chalk art seen at the south end City Market in Burlington. Artist unknown..

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