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COVID-19 Archive

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Panda Bear Against the Pandemic

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Panda Bear Against the Pandemic


I put on my Panda Bear costume to bring joy to other Vermonters.


Ginger Isham




Ginger Isham

Spatial Coverage


I decided one day to put on my Panda Bear costume to bring some joy to children and adults and to get myself out of the house. I dressed in black with white around the ankles and white gloves and put on the large Panda Bear head. I did not talk and no one knew who the Panda Bear was except my family.

Over about 3 weeks I moved and danced in 6 places in Chittenden County and in two places in Addison County. I had my picture taken numerous times. Truckers and cars blew their horns, people gave me" thumbs up,” children called out to say "Hi" and some even tried to do my dance moves.

The places I visited were Williston Village and Whitney Hill, Brennan Woods, Lefebvre Lane in Williston. I visited Colchester Village as my son and family (including our Down Syndrome 11-year-old grandson Charlie) live there.

I walked into our local doctor's office, Thomas Chittenden Health Center, with a sign thanking them all for taking care of our health. The waiting room was empty.



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