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Anti-Mask Poster

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Anti-Mask Poster


Anti-mask poster seen on the bulletin board at the entrance to the Big Lots in Barre, VT. Many people are trying to claim that there are medical reasons they cannot wear a mask as recommended by the CDC and Vermont Department of Health to keep the spread of the virus down. This poster is a seemingly scientific way to encourage anti-mask arguments. Nationally, the conversation about masks has been deeply politicized, with those who believe COVID-19 is a hoax created by Democrats refusing to wear a mask. They have been generally encouraged in this sentiment by President Trump, who refused to wear a mask for a long time and now wears one only occasionally. Anecdotally, most Vermonters do wear a mask when in public, and many towns have passed mask ordinances requiring them indoors.


Amanda Gustin


July 22, 2020


Amanda Gustin

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Amanda Gustin, “Anti-Mask Poster,” COVID-19 Archive, accessed August 8, 2020,

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