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WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times

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WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times


I am a composer living in Braintree. My husband and I got Covid at the beginning of March 2020, the 9th and 19th persons to contract the virus in the state. (We isolated so we didn’t give it to anyone else!)

It was a terrifying time so early in the pandemic when we didn’t know very much about the virus. When I recovered, I began writing “WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times”. It is a collection of 25 chants to help cultivate mindfulness, inner peace and a vibrant sense of connectedness to God in a time of great division and fear during the pandemic. Composing the music was a spiritual practice for me, helping me cultivate gratitude and centeredness in a confusing time. Soon the music began making its way around the state helping others.

I received a grant from the Vermont Arts Council (and from an anonymous foundation in the Hanover area) to record the chants and make them available free of charge for churches and individuals to use the recordings on my website for online worship, meetings, and simply for individual listening to open the way for inner peace in a turbulent time. Many Vermont churches, meditation groups, and individuals have used the chants widely during the pandemic as an aid in facing the uncertainties of the pandemic with the focusing, calming power of meditative music.

You can hear the chants by going to my website You can listen to the chants individually or if you’d like to hear them sequentially without clicking on each one, there is an option for that at the bottom of the chant page. Vermonters Mary Bonhag, Martha Peck, Julia Pierce, and Bob Eddy are the singers, with Vermonter Edith Poor as the flutist. You will love their sound!

"WELLSPRING: Centering Chant for Uncertain Times" has been published as a booklet and is available for sale online at A copy is also at the Vermont Historical Society's Leahy Library in Barre, Vermont.


Kathy Wonson Eddy


Spring 2021




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