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COVID-19 Archive

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Positives During The Pandemic

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Positives During The Pandemic


This was part of a Woodstock, Vt., school project "Silver Linings" about the opportunities we have during this pandemic.


Will Coates


June 2, 2020


Will Coates

Spatial Coverage


The Pandemic has been very rough for very many people all around the world. To go along with the negatives there are also very many positives. This is what inspired me to a homemade collage out of magazines about the positive things to look at happening right now. I chose this piece of artwork because I thought it clearly represents the positives about the environment and life for others. Pictures from magazines that are broadcasting about the pandemic normally talk about the cons and what to avoid and to be careful. But to take the same photos and give them a different meaning meant something to me and for others to see as well. It might give others hope and a chance to take in some things to either look forward to or be grateful now. For some background information about this collage I included many photos involving the environment. As you might already know the environment is thriving right now due to the lack of travel activity all around the world. The things that people are using the least right now are cars and planes because of the risk of getting the virus. Those transportation methods are also a huge contributor of GHG. And the cutback of those GHG leaves the planet thriving and not stressing with all of the pollution and Global Warming. You might see some camping and kayaking pictures too. During this pandemic a record amount of people are outside daily. They are sick of being inside. Even you might be getting more fresh air and exercise than normal due to the pandemic. It is giving people more opportunity to thrive and be healthy. It leaves you more time to appreciate what you might take for granted and to do what you love most. That is what inspired me to create this photo collage



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